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Victor Ponamariov
Posted Jun 29 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone!
I'm very new to FramerJS, so maybe it's kind of silly question so I'm sorry in advance :)

First of all I found it kind of hard to import stuff from sketch (not all layers are copied, for example after copying a material tabs example I couldn't find text layers etc), so I decided to write some code from scratch without even using design tab.

I wanted to make an example of tabs navigation.

So here is what I have so far:

I made a layer called MusicPage, added status/nav bars (imported as svg from sketch) and added the Content layer. Now I stuck with how to make few layers which have the same status/nav bars? Okay, I can duplicate the code but it'd be a hell to change something in duplicated layers.

I've tried to point FlowComponent to Content layer but it doesn't take parents into account, just showing exactly Content layer (while I need status/nav bars, actually the page layout).

I've tried to use layer.copy(), which resulted in such hierarchy: . Kind of strange layers 6,7,8 and Layer 13. So I don't know how to then change content of "Content" layer of my copied MusicPage.

Of course if I used design tab it'd be much easier, however, since Framer lacks of symbols concept, if I need to change nav/status bar I'll have to do the same in design tab.

What would you recommend? Framer looks very promising to me since I'm developer but there is no much information available and it's kind of hard to build complex layouts since Sketch importing does not provide all layers, and it looks that it's easier to build layout from scratch.

For example I've just tried to import tabs from Sketch and I got only one layer called "tabs" without ability to edit/update texts (even though I do have text layers in Sketch)

Thank you in advance