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Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
Posted Jun 29 - Read on Facebook

Slight issue, wonder what the proper way to handle it is:

1. Open new project
2. Pick a device in the preview window, like iPhone for example
3. Then programmatically set Framer.Device.deviceType = "fullscreen"
4. Everything now renders at 0.5 scale rather than actually being fullscreen.

I can set deviceScale or contentScale to 1, but it doesn't have any effect until I manually refresh the preview (seems like it's not auto-refreshing). Also not quite sure which of them to use, and whether it will cause trouble if I later want to programmatically set a different deviceType?

I basically want to be able to switch between device types programmatically, so I can quickly preview a prototype on different devices without changing it in Framer Studio and re-uploading.