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Alexandre Lordelo
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi JL Flores Mena,

Just downloaded your awesome Stickyheader module!

Followed step by step but can't get it to work:

Would you mind giving a hand? ; )



JL Flores Mena

Ahh interesting, I haven't tried my module with elements created in the "Design" tab. You may need to go to the Design tab and make each element discoverable in Code. And then set the 'name' attribute of each one to 'StickyHeader'.
I'm not in my computer right now, I'll try it later and get back to you

JL Flores Mena

Alexandre Lordelo Here's the fix

It's tricky to mix the Design tab with this module, but I commented the code to better explain how to set this up correctly. Let me know if you hit another roadblock : )

Alexandre Lordelo

JL Flores Mena Wow! Thanks so much man, it's working perfectly! The way you explained the code correction is very clear and intuitive. Supper appreciate! : )

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