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Gerrit Kaiser
Posted Jun 28 - Read on Facebook

We're trying to collaborate on a framer prototype via git. Unfortunately we keep running into merge conflicts with a few files. `framer/.bookmark`, `framer/config.json` and especially `framer/framer.vekter.js`. Is it safe to remove these from git and ignore them (everyone is using Framer Studio)?

Design mode also unfortunately doesn't seem very git-friendly, lots of things in `framer/design.vekter` (like layer IDs!) seem to change whenever someone makes a tiny change, so we've had to abandon this and move towards generating layers in code 😥


Felix Haus

Have you considered to stage files before commit them?
With this command you have the possibility to only commit certain file-changes (e.g. instead of commit all changes.
Staging is simpler when you use a GUI-Tool for it rather than the command-line, would recommend SourceTree for it.

Peter Duchastenier

Why not add theis files to .gitignore ?

Gerrit Kaiser

Peter Duchastenier that would be a good solution. But as I don't fully understand their contents, I'm not sure if that would break anything or if they can be re-generated by framer studio

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