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JL Flores Mena
Posted Jun 29 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, I couldn't find if this has been asked before. It's a very simple task but I haven't find a solution for it.

Say I have a function called "checkPlease", how can I run this function from the browser's console?
If I type "checkPlease()" in the console it throws an error.


Ban Nguyen

CheckPlease = () ->


JL Flores Mena

I feel like this should have an easy solution and I feel bad for not finding it.
I found that if I type "FramerStudio.context" in the console, it returns an object. Are vars/functions wrapped inside another 'Framer' object?

JL Flores Mena

Ok I feel like I'm getting closer. I found the function in the browser, but it's stored in a IIFE.

JL Flores Mena

Next step is to return this var right? As shown in this pic.

*However*, I think this IFFE should be stored in a var, so I can actually point to this method. This IFFE is generated by Framer though... how can I access the method then? 🤔

Felix Haus

Hi JL Flores Mena,
you could bind your function directly on the global window variable to make it available directly in console.

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