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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Jun 29 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone! Today, we're excited to introduce the latest Framer integration—Facebook Sound Kit.

In partnership with Facebook, we've added their collection of interaction sounds to Framer so you can level up your prototypes with simple sound effects. Choose from a menu of sounds to enhance buttons, navigation, errors, and more.


Debashish Paul


George Kedenburg III

Jair Silva

Paul Jordy Ochoa

Sebastiano Giuseppe Garilli

Claudio Mammana

Chi Wai Li

Admit it. You are not going to stop as a prototyping tool... You want world domination right?

Raje Punsalan

Man you guys are moving in light speed!

Joshua Miller

Oliver Nguyen

It feels like I keep hearing "today we're excited to announce..." every single day

Dennis Hendrik Adriaan

Are you guys going to buy Origami Studio? :)

Marie Lu Vinh

Awesome stuff =) !

Sharad Kant Cobain

Next step, export your application to App Store directly 😂
PS : Loving the new updates :D

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