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Aubrey Johnson
Posted Jun 28 - Read on Facebook

New-ish to Framer

I have a onTap event that animates 3 elements on the page.

I have an onSwipeDown animation that animates those same 3 elements back to their original state.

The onTap does not work (ever again) after the onSwipeDown event. Is there a reset or something that I need to do to get the animations to work again without reloading?


Matthew Mang

Please upload your file to Framer Cloud and post a link to make it easy to help you :)

Aubrey Johnson
Uploaded! Thanks for taking a look Matthew Mang!

Matthew Mang

The reason it wasn't working is because "big_card" was sitting on top of the text button on swipe down. I changed the final y value of "big_card" from 500 to 657 (the initial y value you had in design view), and it fixed it

Aubrey Johnson


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