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Tess Gadd
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi all! In light of the new Design View 💜, I decided to write a Cheat Sheet on Flows Components.

Flow Comps are super useful when combining them with the design section as it allows you to do simple interactions, crazy fast.

Enjoy! And as always, your feedback is always welcome :)


Marcelo Scharlau Coelho

you are the best! :)

Joshua Miller


Joohee Park

I doo appreciate your articles!! It helps a lot

Alexandre Lordelo

Hi Tess Gadd, your tutorials are awesome! I'm going from zero to something following it! 😉

Could you help with something I got stuck with?

Im working on an iPad screen where I have a list menu on the left, and the product on the right.

I created a scroll component on left, for the product list.

For the product should I create a page component or flow component?


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