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Paul Kooi
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Just beginning to really dig into the design tab...
If I have one art board with an object like a vector icon or something simple like an oval... in the second art board I have that same oval but I've changed it's color. Is there a way in the code tab to say... I want on a click for ovalA to have a new state that is ovalB with the new color?


Aalok Trivedi

I don't believe so. It's not like Principle or Flinto, where different artboards are treated as different states of the previous artboards. It's easier to just do that in code

Paul Kooi

Ok cool thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious. So if I have an icon, and I want to change it's color or something... I need to parent the icon B to the art board I'm using and handle it that way correct?

Aalok Trivedi

I believe so? Depends really on what you want to accomplish. If the only thing changing is the icon color, you don't need a separate artboard for one element change. A screenshot of what you want to accomplish might help me answer it more precisely

Aalok Trivedi

How you prepare artboards in Framer will be a bit different than how you do it in normally in Sketch. In Sketch, you normally create a different artboard for many states of that same screen. It's not ideal to do that in Framer. In Framer, it's really more ideal to have a diff artboard for truly different views/screens.

Framer Design mode hasn't perfected this flow mentality yet and it can be hard, coming from Sketch, Principle, or Flinto

Mike Johnson

I did a demo of this at the Framer Seattle meetup. I'm working on wrapping it into a module.

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