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Dimitri Kielbasiewicz
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys. Help my figure out where I went wrong here. I'm trying to create a simple drawer of icons that displays when the user mouseOver the video area. That part works fine. But I also want hover effects for the icons in the drawer. Unfortunately, when you mouseOver the icon (second from the top), that interaction somehow contaminates the state of everything that is supposed to be affected by mouseOver on video area. If I try the same hover effect outside of the video player area, everything works fine (little black rectangle under the player). It's almost like when you mouseOver the icon, the app thinks you are mouseOut-ing from the video player layer. How do I work around this? Thanks!


Dimitri Kielbasiewicz

P.S. I also tried to create an invisible rectangle on top of everything to listen for a mouseOver event instead of having the actual player image listen. In this case, the mouseOver for the icon doesn't register. I'm guessing because the big rectangle is covering it.

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