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Ray Alexander
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

I'm running into issues with text. I'm designing in Framer at 375x667 (1x). My images are all 375px wide. I also have a text layer with text at 16px.

When i view the prototype on a device, all of the images show full bleed, but my text is very small (im assuming half size?)

How do I fix this?


Richard England-Lee

Try sizing ur text based on the screen size. So it would be something like...

fontSize: Framer.Device.screen.width*0.8

Play with the number til ur happy

Ray Alexander

hm. that didnt seem to fix the issue...

Ray Alexander

odd. if i do a "print Framer.Device.screen.width" with my device as "iPhone 7 375 x 667" it sitll shows as 750...

Ray Alexander

print Screen.width
print Framer.Device
print Framer.Device.screen.width

Ray Alexander

returns in the framer app as:
» 375
» <Device 'apple-iphone-7-black' 375x667>
» 750

and on my actual phone as:
» 375
» <Device 'apple-iphone-7-black' 516.5x667>
» 750

Giles Perry

Have you tried File>Update Framer Library? There was a bug with sizing text layers that got fixed recently. Not sure if this is what you are suffering.

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