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Onishchenko Volodymyr
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi folks! Check my debut work with Framer!
Press "L" to appreciate it!


Lukas Guschlbauer

Nice! Can you share the link to the prototype?

Matthew Mang

Could you expand on how you got the gooey merging effect?

Onishchenko Volodymyr

Matthew Mang Hi! I used SVG filter (works well only Chrome) for this case, for example you can check this - or use a module -, also you can use CSS filters (works well in Chrome & Safari, but changed color for child layers and I don`t know how to fix it) -

Enjoy & use google search)))

Matthew Mang

That's unfortunate that it's only a Chrome effect at the moment. I was aware of the CSS filters version, but the nature of that method only allows for certain colors and doesn't gracefully blend the merging colors into a gradient. I was hoping a version that allows any color to be used was available for Framer natively :)

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