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Dominik Nowakowski
Posted Jun 25 - Read on Facebook

New to coding, new to framer.

What's wrong with my code? Especially the search button. When pressing first time it move little bit left, and by second one it works as it is.

Question 2. How can I make, when I press LOG OUT it goes back to login screen from overlay left?

Cheers :)


Dan Bartley

The problem with the search is that your 'zwin' state values have to match the values in the design view. So for the search and log, the x values are wrong and the other layer needs the width and x changed.

Other fixes here:

Nam Dang

there is a mention about the "default" state which calls the initially active state, then does that mean we can remove "zwin" state and use stateCycle("show","default") instead?. I try this method with this case and somehow X position returns correctly but not the Y

Nam Dang

this happened on second click on the "Search" icon using the above method.

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