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Herve Mischler
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

I'm having an issue with padding in textLayer when I'm adding a background color. As you can see the padding is not even around the text.
Has anyone experienced the same thing and knows a way to fix this?


Herve Mischler

Ok… I just tested it without using an Artboard in design mode and it works perfectly. So I assume this is a bug from the latest version!

Herve Mischler

Here's the same code with no Artboard

Herve Mischler

Koen Bok This is a bug of the design mode… where can I submit this bug?

Jonas Treub

Niels, didn't you look into this?

Niels van Hoorn

Yeah, I came across this bug when working on merging the TextLayer from Code & Design. It will probably be fixed soon

Herve Mischler

Thank you ! I 'll keep my prototype as it is until the next update and just going to blame you guys 😜… I really love the code & design update !!!

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