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Matthew Mang
Posted Jul 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey all,
I've been playing around with the new parallax page component, and it's awesome, but I've run into a strange bug that I can't figure out. I've got the pages built via a loop and the parallax works for all of the pages except the last one, and I'm not sure why. Strangely enough, if I change the # of pages via the loop, it's always the last page that doesn't parallax. Anyone know what's going on?


Matthew Mang


Paul Kooi

Yes would love to understand this more as well

Marc Krenn

Wish I hadn't seen this at 4am lol

Anyway, found a temporary quick fix:

This fix, however, introduces some annoying "pop-in" when opening/reloading the file, which I'll hopefully fix with the next update.

Please ping me the next time you bump into a bug, as I'm not actively monitoring this group all the time. Thanks.

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