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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Jun 23 - Read on Facebook

Has anybody reached a limit on artboards? I'm about to try to make a presentation in Framer Design that's gonna be >100 slides..... want to be sure I don't get stuck. :D

I tried 100 blank artboards and that seemed fine, but not sure what performance issues will happen when I add content.


Blaine Billingsley

live update: Starting to get sketchy around 30 slides....

Richard England-Lee

Hey, just out of interest what size are ur artboards? My project is likely to get pretty big too...

Leland C Rangel

I've seen my mac run out of memory after importing art boards of size and complexity more than three or four times. It's consistent but I can't work out if it's Sketch or Framer causing the memory issues.

Sandor Rozsa

Blaine Billingsley This is interesting. Is Framer loading ALL the stuff in the memory at startup (I mean all slides) or is there something like a mechanism for loading only the visible objects on the canvas? Maybe a question for the Framer gurus?

Sandor Rozsa

While we are on this: I followed some older discussions about using larger Framer projects (with a lot of movie files etc.) and it was mentioned somewhere to lazy load the videos or even to manually use lazy loading on scroll-end... This would imply that there should be a way to tell Framer NOT to load all the data in the memory - right? So here the question: would it be possible to use something like a lazy load library with Framer? I mean something similar like this:

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