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Christian Vandersee
Posted Jun 22 - Read on Facebook

I'm having trouble setting the scrollY property on the automatically generated scrollComponent in a flowComponent.


...returns false, rather than the reference to the scrollComponent I expected. So when I attempt to set:
flow.scroll.scrollY = 500 for example, I get an error.

the document tree shows a nested scrollComponent (by that name) as expected, and a new one is added under the flow element each time I call flow.showNext() - but I expected that flow.scroll would return the currently active layer.

Where am I going wrong?


Daniel Loke

try flow.scrollY = 500

Christian Vandersee

Have done that. Flow contains a reference to the flow component. scrollY is a property of the generated scrollComponent - if only I could get a reference to it...

Daniel Loke

In your screen u had print flow.scroll... u meant print flow.ScrollY ?

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