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Matthew Mang
Posted Jun 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone!

I've got a small issue going on with getting a grid animation choreographed correctly. My goal is to have the grid load in from the top left corner diagonally to the bottom right corner. I thought I had the correct delay formula in my loop <delay time * (row + col)>, but as you can see in the video link, while it generally does that, for some reason each diagonal doesn't quite animate in at the same time. Also, the delay seems to increase exponentially. Any help would be appreciated!


Niels van Hoorn

You had your math a tiny bit off, but this works: (rows * numCols) + col

Matthew Mang

This is the animation I'm trying to achieve.

Andrew Nalband

I'm not sure why this is happening (might be a bug) - but if you change the "time" option in your animation to 1 you get the expected animation.

Andrew Nalband

This works for some reason:

Matthew Mang

That's some voodoo magic right there! Out of curiosity, why is there a +4 in the custom property?

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