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Mas Tsujimoto
Posted Jun 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey All. I'm using mapbox and trying to add a marker to specific lat long points. I have been sent this link but an unclear how to add a shape layer onto the map using specific lat lngs. Thanks in advance!


Riccardo Zecchini

yes, that link is good. You can add a marker simply using the Marker class. The problem is that a marker isnt styled by default—so you cannot see it (but if you inspect you will see the corresponding div). You have to style it the way you prefer (css, custom element,...). More on this:

Raymond Uphoff

Snippet of my framer-doodle; #add marker to map
coordinates = garageCoordinates(location)
new mapboxgl.Marker el , {offset: [-70, -20]}
.setLngLat coordinates
.addTo map

Raymond Uphoff

WI(P): line 393 to 418

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