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Nick Andrews
Posted Jun 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone! Quick question. I'm currently running FramerJS on windows until I get my Macbook Pro. I just want to learn the basics for now. I know that with Framer Studio on Mac you can import a PSD or sketch file and get a JSON file with all the layer information, allowing you to import the PSD into your framer prototype. Does anyone know of a way to be able to do this in Windows?


Stephen Crowley

Joe Day have you guys done anything with importing or was the focus on modules of common components?

Stephen Crowley

Nick -my suggestions would be to export them as assets and then create the layers with the image assets. I don't know of anyone that has built an import for photoshop on PC.

Oliver Kindermann

Framer.js has a "Importer" function.

So you can do:

file = Framer.Importer.load "PATH_TO_FILE"


Nick Andrews

Thanks Oliver I will give this a shot today. I'm pretty sure I tried this already, and framer was still looking for a .json file. Steve that's what I've been doing, it works great, was just hoping to remove that one extra step

Nick Andrews

This is the error I was running into the other day, same as today. I'm wondering if it's because I'm running the framer preview on a localhost in my web-browser:

localhost:3000/app/psd.psd/layers.json 404 (Not Found)

Nick Andrews

When I download an example project that uses a PSD and this importer function, the json file is packaged with the bundle and everything works fine

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