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Matthew Mang
Posted Jun 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristas, I tried opening up the old Apple TV settings tile example in the new Framer to use as inspiration for a different prototype, and things are kind of funky. Anyone know what's going on?

EDIT: James Chu solved the mystery of the diagonal crop! But the lighting effect is no longer contained to the tile and moves strangely. Any additional help would be appreciated!


James Chu

the z-index is causing the elements to clip into each other.
add a z property under settingsLayer like so:

settingsLayer = new Layer
width: 690
height: 590
backgroundColor: "transparant"
z: 100

Matthew Mang

Thanks, that fixed the awkward diagonal clipping. Do you also happen to know why the shiny glow is also no longer working as expected?

James Chu

I assume the glow should be within the tile right? If that's the case, then we can tell the tile to clip it's children. add the clip property to the "settings" layer:

settings = new Layer
clip: true
+everything else

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