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Sam Jang
Posted Jun 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristas!
I am currently prototyping an TV app.

I am currently stuck as I'm attempting to make the player resize smaller when there is 10 seconds left.

My code is as following.... Is there something wrong? :(


Mike Johnson

Looks like there's a double indent there, check that. Also try if time >= 10, since it may never hit 10 exactly on the nose. Also just print out the update time argument to make sure it's what you are expecting

Márcio Ribeiro

Hi Sam Jang, Idk why but I had more successful working with video in Framer while using the "video.player.ontimeupdate = ->" event, instead of the addListener. Also I would recommend you to create a status flag to avoid calling your animation repeatedly after your time conditional be true. I hope this example can help you:

Sam Jang

Actually guys, I found few mistakes I had made after research... Finally it works with this code:

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