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Lachezar Petkov Petkov
Posted Jul 31 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I'm having some trouble with Framer Design/Android. Here's how my design looks in Framer vs how it looks on an actual phone (Nexus 5X). I'm having similar issues with designs imported from Sketch, too. They look fine within Framer (or Safari browser), but seem to have different coordinates when viewed through the Framer android app.

Am I doing something wrong, or are these known issues?


Lachezar Petkov Petkov

cc Koen Bok Jorn van Dijk

John Lee

Any resolution on this?

Andrew Nalband

Your screenshot looks suspiciously similar to the layout when I select Nexus 6 in the design view. It's hard to say where this issue is, but in the interim does designing it in Framer under the Nexus 6 get you a better result on-device?

Jorn van Dijk

Hey sorry this one slipped. Can you try Andrew’s suggestion?

Lachezar Petkov Petkov

Unfortunately no, it still looks messed up both on the device and within Framer when I switch to Nexus 6P. Weirdly, my design looks good in 'Design' mode, but also looks messed up in 'Code' even though everything is now set up for Nexus 6.

Lachezar Petkov Petkov

Weirdly, this solution works on new projects, but not on the project I mentioned in my original post. Now I'll have to design my stuff for Nexus 6 and preview things on my Nexus 5x, heh. Thanks a lot, Andrew Nalband. Hopefully the Framer Android app will finally see an update

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