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Jurre Houtkamp
Posted Jun 19 - Read on Facebook

Today we’re launching Framer Patterns, a collection of pre-made interactions designed to help you hit the ground running on your next project.

From controls and gestures to navigation, browse through our library of native-level interactions for iOS and Android. Just download and customize to get started —


Benjamin Den Boer


Yeseul lee

wow! It's what I want! perpect✨✨

Vigneswar Raj

Amazing update!

BunaZz Rmutt

Love it

Kenneth Spry

How many people do you have working for you? The pace of change is extraordinary.

Lương Đức Duy

Thanks so much!

Julio Montas

Thank youuuu

Rahman Malik

Alessandro Ziurby Iannuzzi

Bil D Benhamou


Muhammad Athar


Mike Paggi

this is you think you can make them modules ;-)

Steven de Lange

@hugo Noorlander

Raje Punsalan

How about Fluent Design by MS? They made some modules for Framer.

Julian Panzer

Great! Making them somehow accessible from within Studio would be 👌

Jeongmin Kim

Thanks a lot!!


Aditya Narayan


Hass Murphy

What's the best directory to put the "patterns" folder in once downloaded?

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