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Maik Major
Posted Jun 15 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible that a textLayer created with Framer Design is not dynamically changeable with Framer Code? There's nothing happening when I try:

textLayer.text = "test"

When I try:

textLayer.html = "text"

It works but it resets all the styling done in Framer Design...

Any suggestions? Am I don't get something?


Jon Wood

So I ran into that issue yesterday, so I just created the textLayer in Code view (ditching Design for this layer bc of this issue). when I created separate states for the textLayer, the text property for each state changed correctly. Hope this helps, wish Design side would cooperate 😅

Brent Riddell

I ran into this same problem too and got a reply on this post about a hacky way around it :) but i've seen this same issue pop up multiple times and it sounds like they are working on making the design text layers and code text layers the same, only a matter of time hopefully :) hope you find this helpful!

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