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Bart Simons
Posted Jun 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, anyone having issues with the VRComponent lately? I haven't used it in a few weeks and I just started a project but I can't get it to show in the app (iOS), mobile browsers ( tried Chrome, Frameless, Safari) and even in Framer itself it only works if my preview window is set to 'Canvas'. I just see a white screen in the Framer app, error screen in browsers and in Framer I see a lot of flickering with random colors and it doesn't let me rotate. I can only show it on desktop browsers now while the projects I usually work on are nearly always for mobile phones. I just posted a issue on the github, but was wondering if anyone has experienced the same and has a workaround.


Bart Simons

Just a small video for clarity. If I upload this to the cloud it works on Chrome/Safari on desktop but thats all.

Bart Simons

If I open a pre-designupdate file and copy all my new code in there it works I just found out.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jonas Treub - is your guy here.

Jonas Treub

I just checked it on the Mac which works fine but on mobile it crashes hard. I'm not sure yet how to debug because the inspector doesn't even allow me to open the inspector.

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