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Jean-Francois Hector
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

Rapid mobile app prototyping: React Native or Framer?


Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experience doing rapid mobile UX prototyping using React Native?

I want to be able to quickly produce app prototypes that contain logic, work with real data and that a tester in an interview would be able to use without explanation.

From your experience, is it easy and fast to do mobile app prototypes using React Native (once I’ve learnt enough about the framework), or would I always be faster at prototyping with FramerJS?

I’m imagining that, even once I’m passed the learning curve, prototyping in React Native would always be much slower than in FramerJS. But I want to check that assumption with you. I think that this assumption comes in part because I struggle to find good case studies of rapid prototyping with React Native.


Lukas Guschlbauer

I haven't worked with react native either, but I think if you have ready-to-use react-components for all the stuff you need (buttons, inputs etc..) then you'd be really fast with react too, but with framer you always "fake it 'til you make it" and can quickly iterate over ideas and can fake some logic you'd need with react... Next week I'm actually having an discovery session with my lead developer, because we're thinking of moving from angular to react for the ext product. Also AirBnB's sketch-react integration would be one major selling point for me right now!

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