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Krn Rby
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello guy's I have a quite big issue with the new framer. I don't know why, but for some of my projects, once I close them I can't re-open them. Each time I try to open them I get an error popup saying that something went wrong and let me restart the application and send a report. It is getting annoying since I have now lost a lot of work ( even if I can find back the code by searching in the folder, I can't get back what I have design in framer... and the link between design and code) Does anyone has this bug ?


Jonas Treub

This sounds terrible. We haven't been able to reproduce this issue ourselves. Do you remember what you did after which the file couldn't be saved anymore? (Eelco would like to know)

Eelco Lempsink

Can you please contact us on [email protected]? If you can also send a .zip of a project this happened too I would love to take a look.

Krn Rby

thank you for your feedback, I'll email my projects to support

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