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Sascha Michael Trinkaus
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, would love to hear what you think and if you check out the code, leave your feedback on how I can make it better if you have any comments :)


Hoang Nguyen

The link has been broken.

Sascha Michael Trinkaus

Oh wow, thanks Hoang — here's the direct link:

Dawid Cedrych

What font is that? :)

Nathan Wright

It comes up enormous on my macbook pro in chrome - not sure why, Framer cloud is really inconsistent.

Nathan Wright

Nathan Wright

Not to mention the other issues with it:

> Fonts
> Text being cut off by a few px (I've been able to solve this by setting text in design to a textbox and making it a little wider than it needs to be. Average hacky solution though

Sascha Michael Trinkaus

Thanks for the feedback, Nathan. Apparently, doesn’t transport the web fonts properly. Cc Koen Bok

Nathan Wright

yeah, not your fault Sascha Michael Trinkaus - you can add the fonts in framer/style.css

Edwin Van Rijkom

Unfortunately we can't upload local fonts to Framer Cloud due to copyright restrictions. Support for web fonts isn't in yet, but we're working hard to get that in shortly.

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