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Tess Gadd
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys! Im back with a new Cheat Sheet - This time it is Sliders and Range Sliders Components. Enjoy!

As always, would love any feedback you have for me ✌️


Nathan Wright

Thankyou - these articles significantly reduce the Framer learning curve

Grzegorz Róg

Cool! :)

Cody Allen Hebert

AMAZING! Thank you so much Tess Gadd

Yeseul lee

Thank you :)

Mehmet Fidanboylu

This works great - thank you! Snapping works great when dragging the slider, but do you know how to get it to also snap when clicking? E.g. If you click in the middle of two intervals, the slider moves to the clicked point, but is it possible to get it to snap to the nearest interval?

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