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Julien Stoll
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone:)

We are viewing our framer prototype in the browser. Our artboard has the measures width: 1920px height: 1920px. This is ofc a custom device width that we set directly in framer/coffeescript.

The prototype appears in the middle of the screen but we want it in the top left corner at the origin point of the browser viewport (0, 0). How can we do that? Do we have to change something in the css or html file?

We appreciate your help!


Eelco Lempsink

In the Preview window, select Zoom > 100% from the menu. When saved/exported with that, you should be able to resize the (browser) window without the device shrinking to fit. Alternatively, you could use the Canvas instead of a custom device, as that is never centered.

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