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Dan Freeman
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Is there another way to create an overlay without using a flowComponent? I have a layer that starts off outside of the canvas and on a click event it moves into focus and I want to have the overlay effect on the content behind it.


Chris Daniels

Hey Dan, I have just begun working in Framer, but I had this question recently. I was given this little bit of code:
layer=your layer, also this is putting my object of the right side of the screen. =
x: Screen.width - layer.width

layer.states.closed =
x: Screen.width + layer.width

Aalok Trivedi

here's a proto with a custom modal and overlay. I created a function to display the modal, which also creates the overlay. I then created a dismiss function, which destroys the overlay when dismissed

Dan Freeman

Thanks for the feedback guys. dmBtn.onClick ->
overlay.visible = true
time: 0.8
y: 41
img.ignoreEvents = true

send.onClick ->
overlay.visible = false
time: 0.8
y: 667

Dan Freeman

didn't mean for that to send like that. I figured it out using the code I provided but its not as clean as what was suggested.

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