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Sergey Voronov
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Any ideas how to fix flickering problems when you are changing the source of picture?

It happens only if I run on device or from cloud. If I run in studio or in browser locally, its fine. Images obviosly are loaded, cause i am looping through them several times. . I know I can have just 2 layers in this case and loop visibility of them, but it will not help me in my project where i have like 5-6 image sources for one layer depending on condition.


Sergey Voronov

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker saved the planet again on this with

Sergey Voronov

though problem still exists with GIF files

Sergey Voronov tap on grey area, then tap again and again - it will be flickering

Laürici Dumitru

Would it be a workaround to use the sprites method? The same image asset and just clip it into a container and change the y? I mean even if you have 5-6 versions it should still work as long as you don't need to use animated gifs

O'Ryan McEntire

Don't replace the image. What you are seeing as a flicker is the time it takes to load and replace the image.

Instead, load the image over the old one in a new layer before removing the old image.

You should still preload the image to reduce the wait time after clicks.

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