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Mike Johnson
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

Today I'm super excited to announce a new 2 hour long course at FramerCasts aimed at beginners getting up to speed by building a clone of Instagram!

Starting from only 3 screenshots of the app we will build up a working prototype. We will build a basic level walkthrough, slowly adding content and features as we introduce new concepts.

We will learn HOW to learn Framer. We will follow along a workflow that you might encounter if you were building this on your own, which will sometimes lead us down the wrong path. We will have to figure out how to solve problems in different ways, introducing new resources as we encounter more problems.

It will be at a reduced price for a limited time while more content will continue to be added!

The course will still work with newer versions of Framer, although some of the editing in Sketch could have been accomplished in the design view of v90.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Would you like to do a lightning talk about this 5-7 min at the next meet up?

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