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Naim Hajee Sheriff
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Will there be proper video tutorials from Framer for Designers? Right now it's 90% code and I have no idea where or how to start.


Daniel Lauding

Its possible without code :) Sketch import, shortcuts in framer for actions

also try the new design tool inside framer

think theres alot of places to start diggin

can have a hangout if you want

Naim Hajee Sheriff

Dude we'd love that! Jamie & I both want to get into it

Sherene Rance

Yeah, I'm struggling with basic interactions. A video on what you can do without code would be great.

Joe Puddle

I have been making my way though it the last 2 or 3 days and apart from a few kinks its an amazing new feature. Its early days but I half think i will ditch sketch for most of my day to day design jobs. With a few small improvements which im sure will come once the feature develops it will be amazing.

that said a hang out would be amazing!

George Kedenburg III

have you read through the getting started guide?

Jade N

A hangout would be rad!

Mike Johnson

Coincidetnally I just launched a 2 hour course aimed at designers learning Framer as beginners... :)

Brian Leslie Bellissimo Jr.

A hangout would be great!

Adam Mazurick

I use Mike Johnson's Framercasts and they're dope. Great customer support too :)

Adria Jimenez

I'm the creator of the most complete Framer course out there. +9 hours of content, 53 Framer projects and everything that you need to start creating beautiful prototypes.
It's always updated and I make sure everything works with the latest Framer releases. It's the best way to start with Framer if you are a beginner.
Currently I'm creating new lessons covering the new Framer design tab which will be included to all students for free :)

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