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Aalok Trivedi
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

Awesome job on the update, and I know this is just the beginning, but I thought I would just get this out there. I won't get into the glaring problems and feature requests with the design-mode many people have already mentioned (sketch import and coded layers not appearing in design-mode, editable sketch import layers,textLayer editing, etc...), but there are numerous nitty-gritty details that are missing in the designer and code->design editor. These may seem frivolous and trivial to non-designers, but these add up over time and start to become annoyances. If enough of these annoyances stack up, it may be the difference between using and not using the feature (which still might be ok and expected). And If you really want designers to use this as a design tool continuously, these small details make a huge difference. It's all about easing precision and workflow. I know you're probably not trying to take over Sketch (???), so it's unrealistic and stupid to ask for ALL sketch features, but...

Here's just a wishlist of small enhancements I want to see (from a design tool perspective):
- Stop starting fills at 50%
- Scrubbers and steppers on the property inspectors, a la Sketch. It gets annoying to either type it out if I only need to change the value by 1-2. It'd be great to not always have to do this through the artboard/canvas
- Ability to decrease width of layer panel
- Tapping on target icon should create AND delete code targets. Right now you have to right click to delete a target
- Ability to save styles (I know, a bit more of an undertaking than the rest)
- More zoom options/Ability to free-zoom
- Ability to show/create rulers, guides, and grids
- Being able to also see/select layers in an dartboard by clicking on it on the layer panel instead of having to click on the canvas to reveal layers
- Smart grouping (???) If I group 2 layers together, but then make a change so now the content is bigger or smaller than the original group, I would like to have an option for that transparent rect to resize to fit to group.

I'm sure there's much more, but this is good for now. Looking forward to see the next enhancements of this awesome product! Keep up the fantastic work.