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George Kedenburg III
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Update: prototyping with the camera in Framer is VERY FUN


Eli Beitzuri

sooooo good

Krijn Rijshouwer

Hahaha! Ace 👌🏻

Jair Silva

Paul Jordy Ochoa

Riccardo Buzzotta

The Drunk Hangouts™


Jordan Robert Dobson

Can you talk about what you are doing here?

Eli Beitzuri

He's in the Phantom Zone. Superman II circa 1981.

George Kedenburg III

heres the prototype if anyone has ios 11 and wants to play

Lou Blanc


Chris Chen

Sorry, I am on train now, can't get to my computer right now. But I am desperate to know the way u implement those filters !? Was it just adjust the layer color ?

Mike Feldstein

Muhammad Athar

I dreamed about making a 3D box like it. :P

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