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Richard England-Lee
Posted Jun 21 - Read on Facebook


Does anyone know the best way to make the prototypes responsive? I have an iphone 7 but my boss is using a 7 plus..



Richard England-Lee

P.s I know i seem to be asking questions here almost daily, but I plan to write up everything I have learnt to help other newbies like me :)

Steve Ruiz

You can use the Screen object when setting sizes. For example, rather than saying a layer is 300 points wide (width: 300), you can use percentages of the Screen's properties, like (width: Screen.width * .85). You can also use the Align object when setting positions, which are useful for setting positions relative to the center, right or bottom sides of the screen. And, of course, you can use these two together, ( e.g. x: Align.right(Screen.width * .12) ). You may still run into some snags, and the Framer team are already beginning to implement a responsive system in the Design mode, but these should get you started for now.

Richard England-Lee

amazing! thank you!

Richard England-Lee

works so well and is great for font sizes too! thanks!

Eli Beitzuri

I put my whole project in a wrapper layer and just scale that. Works like a charm.

Steve Ruiz

Could you share an example of that Eli?

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