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Daniel Remes
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

Hello Everyone, so happy to start learning framer. Im wondering if any of you acctuallt get Mapbox to work with Framer? I have followed all instruction but doesnt get it to work? Anyone that can help you? :)


Henry Latham

I tried following this ( but the actual map didn't appear. I did manage to pull data into a scrollable list, but no success with the map

Daniel Remes

Thanks mate, I have the same problem. I actually got an answer from Mapbox support and they sent med the same article even if I explained my results. I might do something wrong in Terminal, Im such a newbie that Im not sure :p But thanks Henry Latham, I let you knwo if I succeed

Henry Latham

Please do, as I'm working on a project integrating maps in a few weeks.

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