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Inês Borges
Posted Jun 07 - Read on Facebook

I'm having struggle on the scrolling part of my project. My scrolling area is a layer of stacked cards.
I want to do a special scrolling. Like when i scroll up I want the cards to go up and stack on the top, and when I scroll down I want the cards to go down and stack on the bottom. any ideas how can I do that or what functions can be useful to me? thanks a lot in advance


Inês Borges

Aalok Trivedi

Kevin Mao

I don't quite understand what you want your result to look like, but maybe try something like:

scrollComponent.content.onMove ->
__ if scrollComponent.content.y is 0
____ cards.animate
______ y:

__ if scrollComponent.content.y is -1000
____ cards.animate
______ y: Align.bottom

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