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Alasdair Cumming
Posted Jun 12 - Read on Facebook

Hey — Custom fonts which work within the mac app (selected in design) aren't transferring to the Framer mirror on iOS. Anyone got a fix or seeing the same problem?


Steve Ruiz

There might be an even easier way, but if it's on Google webfonts, there's a utility - Utils.loadWebFont(fontFamily, fontWeight) - that you could put at the top of your code.

If not, you do it the older way, by copying the font itself into the project folder, then importing that font with Utils.insertCSS(css).

e.g. Utils.insertCSS('@import url(fonts/sanfrancisco-font.css)')

Alasdair Cumming

Awesome.I thought maybe with the framer update the fonts were supposed to get transferred across with the project file automatically... but this is easy to work. Thanks Steve!

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