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George Kedenburg III
Posted Jul 07 - Read on Facebook

got native camera access working in Framer on iOS 11 😱


George Kedenburg III

reposted with a video because this is way cooler

Charlie Sneath


Jordan Robert Dobson

Will accept code samples to pull together a demo for Framer meetup at Facebook next week. :)

Adam Mazurick

Yeah, can you post a link to this?

George Kedenburg III

if you have iOS 11 you can play around with it here:

Adam Mazurick

Amazing thats fine!

Adam Mazurick

Thank you!

Paul Jordy Ochoa

Jair Silva

Henry Kim

Dannnngggggg that's amazing

Martin Nahuel Rabaglia


Junhyuk Jang


Lee Jungyoung

Amazing. This is what I've waited so long !!!

Gregory J. Orton

So does that mean that Safari finally supports getUserMedia?

Keith Lang

I believe 11 supports WebRTC too?

Andre LaMont

Great Job!

Evgeny Lecker

just took them few years to implement it, feels like future, lol

Kjelle Vergauwe

Jens Roels

Blaine Billingsley

Rupa Chaturvedi

Woohoo! HOW????

Daniel Remes

write that tutorial ;) nice work!

Adrian Mendoza


Chris Chen

OMG finally my dreams come true !!! This is way too cool !!!

Michael Le

How do you get this to work with rear camera vs the front camera?

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