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Marie Schweiz
Posted Jun 05 - Read on Facebook

troubleshooting with jekyll,
hei everyone, I would love to know, are there other jekyllfans here? because i'm one and framer has trouble being embedded in jekyll. Jekyll seems to recognize missing files which aren't indicated as error in framer studio.

attached a few example images, case is:

working with jekyll requires generating constantly static html files and saved into a folder which can be publicized and delivered via local host or github repo (thats why jekyll)...

in the process, jekyll seems to miss something from "vekter", which seems to be related to svg's graphics. I had an svg before and switched to integrated icons. Anyway, since i didn't use the svg file anymore, framer seems to cause trouble for jekyll and I cannot find a way to fix it. (console does not give me a warning at all)

highress image:

suggestions anyone? This is somehow crucial to my workflow because jekyll is important if you like to deliver framer in secure environments.