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Grzegorz Róg
Posted Jun 05 - Read on Facebook

Framers! I made a iOS UI Kit for the new Framer.

🔥 You can grab it here

At first it was a personal project but I hope you can make use of it too. I still work on it so if you have any request or want to contribute - let me know!


Ali Benabbes

im a ui/ux designer and a mobile app dev, i've one question if some one of you would kindly answer it. why spend much time prototyping in framer while you can spend that time on making the app alive in Xcode ? knowing that i never used framer before. thank you

Muhammad Athar

Your website looks cool. Just needs a header and a footer containing info about you and the links to the social networks like the youtube channel and stuff.

Cédric Magnin

Facebook needs a covfefe icon so we can thank you

Jordan Robert Dobson


Raúl Antonio Cerda Estrada

i found a problem in the style bro :(

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