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Toby Bridson
Posted Jun 04 - Read on Facebook

Stupid question maybe, have the new Framer 9.0 and I'm simply trying to move from design Artboard 1 to Artboard 2 in the design view on event/click. I'm supposed to be using flows I believe but it's not working for me?


Toby Bridson

Anyone? I'm sure this is an excellent tool for doing prototypes but it's failing in the basic fundamentals of how to do a simple screen change. I want a quick and simple multi screen prototype that i can click through... going back to Kite I guess which i worked out how to do the same thing in seconds. :P

Nathan Wright

I used flow component for this, nice and easy :)

- create targets for each art board
- init flow component
- set initial screen
- create on tap event to show next screen

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