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Steve Ruiz
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

This little side project got tricky fast - it turns out that the iOS home screen is more complicated than I thought.


Lukas Guschlbauer

Really cool!

Akash Soti


Dexter Wang

It feels just like iOS. I'm impressed with the long press to delete icons. I doubt I have the skills to pull that off.

Stefan Dierdorf

Terrific. How long did you work on this and which parts were the most tricky?

Steve Ruiz

I was kicking around a project during my commute, trying to figure out the logic for paged drag and drop grid positioning, maybe an hour a day for about a week. Once I had that figured out, making it look like iOS wasn't too hard, and I worked on this prototype for about two afternoons to get it done.

Steve Ruiz

I've been working to sharpen the logic up into a module / reusable component, since it's a pretty common UI element. Here's the progress I've made on that:

Stefan Dierdorf

That's really cool, too. Wouldn't mind if you kept us posted about updates :)

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