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Florian Kall
Posted Jun 02 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, can someone tell me how to change the textcolor of layers I've created in the Design view? I want to change the color in an onClick event.


Tes Mat

You can’t (yet). You’ll have to make a Text Layer in code.

Nathan Wright

+1 for this, and changing the text. Doesn't look like it can be done but I had some success setting states and new HTML for text but I had to restyle everything manually (using dynamic attributes pulled from the layer)

Clunky but seems to work. Animating that seems to be impossible though.

Annoying they put this feature in but you can't use it in the way you need to

Tes Mat

Try a «print layer.html» of text created in Code -> it contains a lot more than other layers: some divs, the CSS styling, etc. They’ll probably get around to making them more interactive in the future.

Tes Mat

Yeah, when you change the .html on these Design text layers you override their styling.

Florian Kall workaround I duplicated Text layer with another color and switch visibility. But really not an efficient solution.

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