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Kasper Andersen
Posted Jun 02 - Read on Facebook


So what is the easiest way to do a prototype like this? Basically I want the main screen to be in the middle with other pages next to it on both sides, and over and under.

Is there a fancy way to do it with the page component, or do I ned to use dragging?


Lewis Ainslie

Flow Component with showOverlayTop, showOverlayBottom, showOverlayLeft, showOverlayRight. Would be the easiest way without writing custom transitions?

Adam Mazurick

I recently built a prototype like this and I used a page component approach.

Adam Mazurick

To change the order of the pages so that the main screen appears first try this. pageComponent.addPage image3Layer
pageComponent.addPage image1Layer
pageComponent.addPage image2Layer

Adam Mazurick

Try this

Adam Mazurick

I hope this helps and happy prototyping :)

Lewis Ainslie

Mine would be like this:

Adam Mazurick

Thats a nice approach :)

Rafael Marin

Here's a version with an horizontal PageComponent inside a vertical PageComponent. I think it does what you're looking for.

Blaine Billingsley

Those are all fine solutions! Here's how I would do it with just one PageComponent

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