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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Jun 11 - Read on Facebook

Today, I couldn’t be more proud to announce the launch of Framer Design. Start your projects directly in Framer, using a graphics tools built specifically for interaction work. It has all the familiar features you know and love, but with some special additions. Auto-layout, smart positioning and device-specific artboards.

It’s the last piece of the puzzle in our mission to help you design things that feel real. Give it a go and let us know what you think! -


Daniel Lin

Devin Abbott

Everything Framer has ever done has been building up to this moment

Mike Teksas

Amazing work, can't wait to check this out

Sanghyuk Jung

You guys are the best

Paul Suvansupa

Sadok Cervantes Rabadan

Would a design created in framer be exportable to sketch or similar? I see this as rapid prototyping but I don't see how you can use this when the source of truth of your company's design library is on sketch. Correct me if I'm wrong pls.

Derek Nguyen

Really worth the yearly investment!

Amos Gyamfi

Very well done. Can't wait to use it

Vineeth Gopal

Adil Siddiqui

Paul Eichenberg

Jorn van Dijk and the team. Enjoy your champagne! You did a really great work!

Andrew Aquino


Joon Won Lee

Holy great mother of god :)

George Kedenburg III

Gary Torres

Oh my THIS IS HUGE!! So exciting! Can't wait to try it!

Henrique Gusso


Emanuele Livi

It's incredible guys ... huge well done and congratulations to all of you

John Grendon Enderby
Francesco La Ferla


Ahmet Bekteş

Wow, that s huge, i can't write what I said here!!! :D it smells well-done!

Henrique Gusso

I'm diving into everything and I'm overwhelmed with the possibilities, this is gonna be fun.

My main question right now is if there's a way for code to affect what's on the Design tab. Any change in the width of an element, for example, doesn't propagate, which is understandable considering it might as well be just an action on the prototype.

But what I expect someday is defining element dimensions with variables, for example. Not possible right now, correct?

Jun-Seok Kim

Oh my...

Chris Chen

Gregory Warner

Looks like an awesome addition. Any chance export capability will get added down the road for the design view?

Matej Hrescak

Congrats peeps, good job!

Sascha Michael Trinkaus

Can't say congrats, need to deep dive into it right now!! 😂 No, seriously, awesome job guys.

Aditya Narayan

This is so amazing. Just wondering how developer hand-off would happen, even without that it is amazing to create high fidelity prototypes :D

Alex Boschmans

I had expected something like export to code components or more coding aids but definitely not this. Excellent news!! Would perhaps be even better if you could load a sketch design in, and use the design environment to order it and link it up quickly? Great update anyways!!!

Rasmus Andersson

Congrats guys!
The game is on 😉

Trisha Suri

Juli <3 <3

Tony Kim

Huge Congrats to having the awesome feature!

Denis Efremov

Chad Lonberger

Koen Bok rejoice! 😀

Rasmus Andersson

Brings back memories from this moment

Ivo Ruijters

this really is amazing. Can't wait to use it for my next project

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Jeffrey de Groot

Congrats guys! 🔥

Sebastiaan de With

Congrats! Amazing feature!

Emin İnanç Ünlü

Wow! I wonder the long-term plans, if planning to be alternative to Sketch / Figma or not. A small question: how can I use the auto-layout feature in the code? I tried to use "Align" snippet but it didn't work out, it doesn't stay snapped.

Riccardo Buzzotta

Amazing release! I'm very satisfied.

What I like the best is that It lowers the entry barrier for many designers that are not keen on coding everything every time (yet want their solution testable on several devices and viewports).

Sonia Parani

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 things are getting serious with Framer!

Lương Đức Duy

Cool. Framer is alway the best choice for design who can code. framer also approuchs the problems in code way. It is the hardest problem in developing interactions, but framer solved it. now framer becomes more friendly for dragndrop/resize. Framer will be invincible

Jin Chun

Dear Framer team, you just rocked an amazing update!!!! Holy $#@!

Murilo Ravani

Its really amazing! When windows users will be able to use it? <3

Lukmanul Hakim

i would love to learn this

Josef Richter

ok, now just add React Native export and we're done here! :-)

Paweł Waraksa

Vincent Jacobs

William Matthynssens

Arash Lowni


David Ross

Pretty exciting stuff. Looking forward to giving it a try!

Quentin Manning

Very awesome. +1 for letting us stay from a Sketch file.

Vigneswar Raj

Please bring input boxes and other form elements. I was expecting for this release. Quite disappointed. I know that there is a 3rd party plugin, but it is not handy. Please keep this as a high priority feature. thanks for this release. Its great.

Florian Franke

To me as a designer this seems quite strange. Is there a reason why you haven't build a plugin for sketch etc? I'm not eager to switch to a new design tool (and to be honest, sketch is quite comprehensive and nice to use) or is there something I am missing? Thanks!

Stef Smet

Amazing work!!

Bruno Silva

Hey now we need a feature to export to Zeplin... :) and a way to export my files from design tab

Francesco Bertocci

Very cool! Congrats! Does it export to native code as well now?

Joseph Reni

In the video it looks like you are pasting all of those dates in - but at the moment you do it, the layer panel goes blank, which makes the whole thing feel like editing magic.

Terry X Xu

tried it, zooming is super buggy

Jesse Kuntz

Now I'm not sure what to use for what. Before, sketch was for UI design, while Framer was for interaction design. The lines have blurred!

Milan Seitler

Pretty cool. Any plans to share that interesting animation you have in Code section (those two app screens with illustrations)?

Derek Hunten

this looks very cool, better import from sketch would be cool

Javier Eduardo Treviño

I suppose it must be limiting to depend on the API of another app for most of your features as a developer...So thats in part why they decided to make their own design program inside studio

Tyler Angert

Although this is great, until you can make a design tool that is completely comprehensive, I'm going to stick with sketch for most of my stuff. Although I see how this is incredibly useful for things that don't require rigid design constraints. The only thing I'd really want in here is a pen tool, and perhaps a feature that can interact with Bézier curves directly.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Y'all need to relax..You can use more than one tool for your design projects

Peter Kubin

great work! but being completely stunned by this update, i am scratching my head about two things:
. have you planned to make imported sketch elements accessible within the design area at some point?
. is the relative positioning and resizing behavior, which can be set in the design area, accessible via the layer properties within the code area? i wasn't able to make them out within the layer.props.

Rachel Yoonjin Kim

holy cow!

Dana Shomakova


Andrey Dyadyura

Hi is it possible to somehow import the vector objects in the design space?

Alberto Vitullo


Jilly Cross

Cannot wait to start playing with this.

Andric Tham

I’m a little bit confused with the new mental model – in your chat message example, we went from design to code, and now we have the chat messages in our “Code” panel, but it’s all canned – only the first message goes to the chat screen.

I can’t figure out for the life of me how to make the messages list dynamic in the code view, say, if I wanted the header of the chat view to match the one I selected on the messages overview.

Rishi Michael Arch

Just found the update on ProductHunt! will be trying this out later :)

James Carrick

Can you assist here? Is there a current workaround for this? - Is anyone else experiencing problems saving the DESIGN table changes on exit? I have the latest v92 on my MAC and all changes to DESIGN table did not save on exit when I clicked SAVE. So much work destroyed! Please help

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