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Junha Kang
Posted Jul 09 - Read on Facebook

hello Framer ppl

like always, i bumped into a problem while making this prototype

i was making an interaction which pops-up buttons from ur longPress coordination (like Pinterest quick menus)

i managed to make it somehow, but it works only on Framer Studio or mac/PC web browser

if i run this prototype on mobile, it doesn't work the way it supposed to

does anyone knows what the problem is ?

thank u !


Junha Kang

buttons pops up when u longPress the gray box

Radek Kyselý

Junha This issue is very common.

1. event.offsetX/Y doesn't work on touch devices, you need to use event.touchCenter object

2. There is no mouse on touch devices, thus you can't listen to MouseOver/Out events. You need to listen to touch events.
I wrote a function for that some time ago, so I posted it on GitHub:

Here's your prototype solved

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